The Study Team

Executive Oversight Committee

An Executive Oversight Committee represents internal ODOT departments. Committee responsibilities include:

  • Disseminating information about the study to staff, management and customers;
  • Providing input about the overall direction of the study;
  • Suggesting staff who might contribute to the study;
  • Reviewing and providing input on data and analyses; and
  • Assessing how to implement solutions to issues identified in the study.

Committee members include:

  • Matthew Garrett, ODOT Director
  • Angela Ramos, ODOT Office of Civil Rights Manager
  • Travis Brouwer, ODOT Assistant Director for Public Affairs
  • Paul Mather, ODOT Highway Division Administrator
  • Tom Lauer, Technical Services Manager
  • Joe Squire, ODOT State Construction and Materials Engineer

ODOT Project Manager

Tiffany Hamilton, DBE Program Manager

Consulting Team

Keen Independent Research leads the disparity study team. Keen Independent Research is an economic and market research firm that specializes in disparity studies. It has offices in Colorado and Arizona.

David Keen, a Principal of the firm, is leading the study. He has completed disparity studies for more than 70 government agencies since 1989 and has helped agencies successfully defend programs when challenged in court. He has worked with many state DOTs throughout the country.

Other disparity study team members include the following entities:

Holland & Knight (H&K). Keith Wiener, a Holland & Knight Partner, serves as legal counsel for this study. He has conducted disparity studies and related legal assignments since the 1980s. Mr. Wiener has participated with Mr. Keen on disparity studies for more than 25 agencies including many state DOTs.

Customer Research International (CRI). Sanjay Vrudhula and his staff at CRI will conduct availability telephone interviews as part of the disparity study. He has participated with Mr. Keen on disparity studies for more than 20 agencies. CRI is a minority-owned firm that is HUB-certified.

Donaldson Enterprises. Suzanne Donaldson-Stephens, Principal, will conduct in-depth personal interviews with business owners and trade association representatives. She has past disparity study experience and is very knowledgeable about the Oregon marketplace. Donaldson Enterprises is a Native American female-owned firm and is DBE-, MBE- and WBE-certified.

Benetti Partners. Juanita Walton, President and CEO, will also perform in-depth personal interviews with businesses and trade associations. She conducted similar tasks in the 2011 ODOT Disparity Study and has considerable knowledge of the Oregon marketplace. Benetti Partners is an African American female-owned company and certified as a DBE, MBE and ESB.

JLA Public Involvement. Stacy Thomas, Senior Program Manager at JLA, will lead public outreach. JLA has a particular emphasis in transportation — with hundreds of projects for ODOT alone. JLA is a Portland-based woman-owned firm that is DBE- and ESB-certified.

Merina & Company. Kamala Austin, Partner, and other Merina staff accountants will assist with data collection efforts for the study. The firm has extensive experience working with State of Oregon agency information systems. It is a women-owned company and is WBE-certified.