Availability Survey

Between May and July 2015, Customer Research International contacted thousands of construction, engineering and related firms in Oregon and Southern Washington about their qualifications and interest in different types of work for ODOT and local agencies.

Customer Research International collected the following information from a company:

  • Qualifications and interest in working with ODOT or with local governments as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor;
  • Types, sizes and locations of transportation contracts the firm can perform;
  • Race/ethnicity and gender of the business owner; and
  • Insights into marketplace conditions and potential improvements to working with ODOT and local agencies.

The information was used to analyze the availability of different groups of businesses for specific types of ODOT contracts. The study team considered survey results and other public input while developing recommendations to improve ODOT’s contracting process and its operation of the DBE Program.

Contact information will be added to existing ODOT lists for future outreach, however comments received are not associated with specific companies or individuals.

For ADA Title II or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, language services, or for additional information please submit your request via email to info@odotdbestudy.org , via the comment form, or call the study hotline at 503-660-8865.

Para pedir servicios para las personas con discapacidades, para servicios de traducción/interpretación o para información adicional, manda un mensaje al info@odotdbestudy.org o por el formulario en el sitio web del proyecto o llame al 503-660-8865.