Stakeholder Involvement Overview

There are a number of ways stakeholders can be involved and informed. Input collected throughout the study will be considered and incorporated into the final report.

  • The website will provide the latest information.
  • The study team will contacted (by phone and/or via email) businesses in the transportation construction and architecture/engineering-related industries to collect information about the company and marketplace conditions.
  • Four public meetings will were held in February, and five will be held in April 2016 to review and comment on the draft report. Online public meetings will also be available at these times via this website.
  • An External Stakeholder Group is providing input to the study team.
  • The study team conducted in-depth personal interviews with business owners, trade association representatives and others throughout the state.
  • The study team can be contacted through our hotline (503-660-8865), the online comment form, directly via email, or letter (Keen Independent Research, 100 Fillmore Street, 5th Floor, Denver CO 80206).

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