Overview and Latest News

Through the 2016 Disparity Study, the Oregon Department of Transportation analyzed whether there is a level playing field for minority- and women-owned firms in the transportation contracting industry and in its own contracts. This information will help ODOT operate the Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program for its federally-funded contracts. Keen Independent Research led the study.

Final study report available

After holding a series of meetings throughout Oregon and receiving public comment, the final report is available.

Draft study report ready for public review

Learn more about the study team’s key findings and recommendations in the Executive Summary Fact Sheet or review the entire draft report. ODOT received comments on the draft report through April 30, 2016.

ODOT Proposes DBE Goal

As part of this process, ODOT is proposing a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal for federal fiscal years 2017-2019 of 11.6%. The goal is based on the availability of DBEs relative to all businesses that are currently ready, willing, and able to participate on ODOT’s federally-funded contracts. ODOT estimates 5.0% of the overall goal can be achieved through race- and gender-neutral, or RN, participation on ODOT projects, and the remaining 6.6% of the overall goal will need to be met through the use of race- and gender-conscious, or RC, contract goals. ODOT proposed all DBE groups will be eligible to participate in meeting DBE contract goals. Read more about the process on the Proposed Goal Fact Sheet. ODOT received comments on the proposed goal through April 30, 2016.